Helllooooooooooooooo it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged here! Anyway, exams are overrrrrr!!! Year 1 in poly is over. I’ve no idea how 365 days can pass so fast!!! Holidays are here but I doubt I’ll be resting that much cuz I’m taking quite a number of different jobs! But the worst part is waiting for results to be posted on SAS :( I hope my GPA will at least improve a teeny weeny bit.

Yesterday, Karyne Mary and me went to the EA Sports office for a briefing and an intro of new games that is made by them! So freaking cool. We get to play games that is not released on the iTunes store yet!!! I love Pictureka!! Hehe we ate and shopped around after that and bought 2 Etude House polishes! (I realised I’m putting lots more exclamation marks compared to last time, haha)

Then Leonard’s family brought me out for dinner! We had Thai and the food was so delicious. Picture pineapple rice, crab with vermicelli, chicken ribs, garlic kai lan and sharks’ fin!!! I think I’m so lucky to meet them all. They’re all such nice and friendly people. And the big plus is that they’re so hilarious!!!

Ok I’m working at Su Cuisine heh byeeee