Its been raining for more than 24 hours, I love it when I’m sleeping but when I’m heading out I detest it cuz my sandals and feet would be all wet and muddy :/

Anw… I know I shouldn’t compare but I’m just gonna say it out anyway. I wish I could switch mamas. I don’t really have a good relationship with my mum. Sometimes, she’s hot; sometimes she’s cold towards me. Maybe because she has reached menopause? Ok that aside, was just an excuse. Cause I’ve been treated with such sarcasm ever since I was in secondary school. What’s with the sarcasm, Mama?? I don’t need it. I have feelings too. You don’t have to purposely embarrass me infront of my friends. I hate it. I hate you for doing that. Stop trying to tell everyone you know about my bad points. How I wish my parents would compliment me infront of others like other parents. Why does this happen to my brother and me? This is probably the main reason why I don’t really invite my friends over.

I envy those people I know that have wonderful happy families. Their parents can communicate without any vulgarities flying across the living room. Speaking of that, guess where I learnt all my vulgarities from? From my parents. Fullstop. They used these words to scold each other and myself since I was young. That’s horrible. I can never imagine scolding my boyfriend such harsh words.

I just wish… sometimes my mum would stop being so sarcastic. That’s all. So that I can at least have no worries in inviting my friends over. Personally, I love hanging out at my friends’ homes because I’m lacking something. The warmth of a home and the presence of home-cooked food. Because I hate coming home to a barren place.

CNY is coming in a few days… and I’m not really looking forward to it because that’s when all the drama will start.