Ok MST results… not really satisfied but I did my best so that’s what matters the most right?

MOB: 79%

Stats: 74%

Econs: 86%

Surprisingly my econs was an A?!!? And did you notice that all I need is one more mark to jump to the next grade for both modules. Damn. PACC wasn’t returned yet because of school issues but I have super high expectations of that one so.. I hope its all good!

I have so many assignments lined up for me this weekend! Have to do up an A2 poster for my French Exhibition, do MOB tutorials, Econs tutorial, Stats tutorial and PACC tutorials! Notice that some of them I put an ‘s’ because THERE IS MORE THAN ONE!!! D:

Brb I shall go weep.

EDIT: PACC: 94% :):)