Hehehe today is the first day of school holidays and its so great waking up late and not worrying about tests or assignments to complete!

Anw went down to school for scuba meeting and then I went to Far East for a job interview (which wasn’t even an interview at all!) AND I’M HIRED!!! And I start work tomorrow which is incredibly fast! Even though the pay is the same as Suki, meals are provided!!! Yippee means I can save on allowance :) :) Hehe there’s no uniform at all, just a black outfit and covered shoes will do! I’m so happy that I got a job so quickly, I love it but the bad thing is that I have to forgo painting my nails

Met the girls after that and it was enjoyable hahaha Nex isn’t that exciting to me anymore cause its so crowded!!! And the walking space isn’t that big so its like… 人山人海!! I bought ham and more chips to munch on. I swear I’ve gained 2kg this week cause I keep eating chips in the middle of the night :( I need to start exercising again!!!

Ok I’m quite satisfied with the French essay that I’m supposed to submit in an hour’s time! Can’t believe I only did the essay yesterday HAHAHA so last minute work cuz I was lazy!