I’m splurging on nail polishes like crazy. YES, SO MANY IMPULSE BUYS!!!! Maybe I should take a photo of my nail polish collection + the ones I’ve gotten recently. >:( I’m happy seeing new exciting colours for my nails but my bank account isn’t!!! Its like I saved $10 today and spend $12 the next day ;( Heng ah school reopening already no more time to online shop!!! I should really confiscate/throw away my ib device so that I won’t spend unnecessarily. -_- I’m back to being broke!!!

ZZZZZZZZZZ. I SHOULD JUST SLAP MYSELF NOW AND RESIST SURFING NAIL POLISH WEBSITES!!! Nail polish websites should be labelled as porn and banned!!!! LOL~

Anyway its 2.40AM and I’m supposed to be in deep sleep now since I’ve promised Leonard that I’ll sleep as soon as I reach home! I just got home more than an hour ago because we missed the last train!!! D; So bloody troublesome to find direct transport home but Leonard fetched me home anyway :) I like sitting down on wooden floors, listening to his playlist and singing along only to Jay Chou ones.