Haha the waiter at Astons only gave us a glass of water when we asked for 2. Hence the caption hehe

LEONARD EATS ALOT HAHAHA (ok la even tho he’s eating the same thing) Btw guess which one is the real polaroid photo haha

This woodblock used my polariod cam and took a photo of me when I was resting!!!!!!!! Waste film LOL

HAHAHA after the ‘reserved’ seat sign showed up on the photo, he angled the next photo to exclude it hahaha!! LOOK AT HIS PUPPY FACE *squishes*

Today we caught the movie about Empress Wu! Took so long about 2 hours + and luckily we managed to get on the last train home! And tomorrow have to wake up early to register for GEMs lehhhh wahpiang want to sleep late also cannot :/