Its the wee hours of the morning and I have an accounts paper in less than 10 hours!!! Sigh, I wonder where did my interest in accounting went. Its like it evaporated in thin air or something ;( I was studying for accounts just by flipping through the textbook and going through my mistakes. I don’t think that’s enough but… let’s hope that accounts paper wont have complicated adjusting entries and that my balance sheet will B-A-L-A-N-C-E!

Next paper after accounts is marketing. DIE. I have to remember all the crap acronyms that I created LOL~ (e.g. My Right Sell My Body, I Pro Right, COmputer APplications) Hahaha, I am awesome like that :D The problem is there’s a whole bunch of information to squeeze into my teeny brain and I don’t think I can remember everything leh how??

My hamster is annoying me in the middle of the night again by exercising on the wheel. Tsk!