My goodness, finally Business Communication is off the hook!!! No more insane proposals to draft out, no more ‘Juz-a-minute’ and no more professional-phrased questions!! What a load off my mind! :D Hehehe ‘Haha why so nervous tell u to relax and sleep already. but today when you presenting got so nervous anot lol?’ YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT EARLIER SO THAT I WONT BE FREAKING NERVOUS DURING BC PRESENTATION!!!!

Yay bought a maxi dress, a fluffy flowery skirt (ITS FLUFFY OMG), a cropped top and a gift set from Victoria Secret! (Just because I like the clutch that comes free ;p) Actually I wanted the navy blue striped maxi but then there wasn’t anymore new pieces so I took the grey one instead.

Ok I’m contented ;) shall sleep early and wake up early to tackle FOM!