Hehehe totally went crazy at the flea today! (pardon that stupid expression -.-) This big Topshop bag filled with more lil ones inside hehe *wink wink*

This is the first time I’ve bought so much in one day. Major goodness I tell you!!! Feels great when the things I want becomes my own LOL. Grr I should’ve bought that dress cuz I realized I didn’t get any dresses today boooo

I LOVE FLEA MARKETS. SKIRT AT $5, SHIRT AT $2 WTF?!? Cheap cheap until I think its super worth it. (for example I bought a ‘I dont care, Fuck that shit’ shirt even though I don’t wear vulgarity shirts :/) Hanged around and helped Yoko with her stall and I think having a stall in fleas are fun hehe cuz I got to meet new friends


Hehehe I have bangs now :D