Revised 6 chpts of Econs today but nothing seemed to be going inside my pea-brain. I really have no motivation to study. Its like I want to study but my brain is just not accepting anymore knowledge. I keep having mental post-its in my mind telling me to do this and do that, but I seem to forget or brush it away by reassuring myself that I will do ’em tomorrow.

Sometimes I am disgusted by the way I behave. :(

Dad gave me $200 for shopping!! Time for some retail therapy. ;) I feel like perming my hair but it isn’t long enough yet grrr I think it would take another year until it reaches my desired length zzz. Anyway, I’m going to rebond my hair tomorrow hehe yes to bangs!


this is so adorable kekeke

Dad is lonely tonight. Mum is at cruise enjoying herself.