Watching Animal Planet now while blogging through my phone. It’s about a place called Churchhill where it snows all year round and there’s polar bears in the vicinity. Humans came to live in their territory and shot them when the bears attacked them. Ironic. The humans were staying in a place that isn’t supposed to be theirs but yet they shot them and got away with it. Wtf is this?

Argh I hate to see animals like them all covered in blood. :( and tagging animals by their ears looks so painful…

Aww and seeing those animals in their natural environment makes me feel very pleased. I feel like hugging all of them to feel their warmth and furriness!!

Fuck I just saw monkeys chained by their necks and those heartless people were throwing rocks at them. Fuck you!! How I wish one day you’ll get your retribution by being a monkey in your next life!! Poor monkeys… :'( they have the right to live as much as you do, you morons!!

I’d love to work in a zoo someday. Maybe cleaning dung would be fun right? Oh this reminds me of Christian the lion. (if you haven’t watch it yet, you’re missing out!) Who says friendship doesn’t exist between animals and humans?