Sometimes I get super pissed at myself. I look at my room and my study desk and I get very upset. Why can’t I keep it tidy? Why didn’t I get a clean streak from Mum? My parents always tell me that I behave worst than a boy because I don’t like to bathe (BUT I STILL DO IT EVERYDAY OKAY), I am a very messy person cus I leave things hanging around and I am very forgetful. (such as not hanging my panties etc immediately after its in the dryer, IKR)

Oh and the state of my room now is like a disaster. Clothes that are supposed to be hanged are stuffed in my closet, bags are all thrown on the floor, so many plastic bags are popping out from unexpected places… omg I can’t even describe it any further

I wish I can change that but I think it all boils down to being L.A.Z.Y.

Sigh. Maybe I should go for a sex change. Maybe I’ll be much neater if I was a boy.


Like duh, I love everything on being a girl. EXCEPT FOR THE PMS/MENSES PART.