Diving in the sea is so amazing!!!! Had a total of 5 dives throughout the trip and it was enjoyable :) I saw jellyfish, stingray, eel (which is about 2-3 metres long), clownfish etc. which was really awesome. Nature is really beautiful. Wind blowing through my hair and the sun shining down like it was eternity… and also sightseeing in another world that I’ve not seen before. Its like I never wanted to come up to the surface and end the diving sessions because it is so wonderful under the sea. Seeing fishes in their own environment makes me feel happy that there is somewhere where all of us belong to :)

Even though in the beginning I was pretty harsh on myself by worrying too much and afraid of diving, but now I have completely no worries!! Hehe and I realized I can equalise perfectly underwater (means my ears or nose don’t hurt with all the pressure) and I don’t have any seasick-ness!

Pictures up when I get them from Facebook!