SCUBA DIVING CAMP IS AWESOME (Y) Made many new friends, tried on diving equipment and seen really HQ photos from the marine life! Makes me wanna get one waterproof camera specially for diving hahahaha!! Anw the air tank isn’t that heavy at all but I can’t stand up when I have flippers on -.- But the tank is completely light in water!!! SO AMAZING!!

I panicked for my first few breaths under water because its weird breathing through my mouth and the air tank went sideways so I was swimming in a very funny position HAHAHA but seems like all the girls have the same problem too!

Oh and I’m going for the Open Water Diving Course in June!! Hehe my edusave account has like $1.6k so… … Yay!! All along I thought my account only has $200++ lol

XD Overall this camp is really awesome and one of the many reasons is because I DID NOT GET SUNBURN. Oh and I went to camp with perfect manicure/pedicure and came home with 100% destroyed nails D:

**photos up when I have them**