Went SPGG after school with Leonard, Adam and Xinyi to play bowling. I lost all three games to the guys (duh!) but I wasn’t the last for the 3rd game hahaha I WON ADAM YAYYYYYY (Y) Leonard really is a hidden card cause he won all three games lol

Went to meet the girls after that and coincidentally Tingrui Kaiyun and me wore green!

Physical shopping really sucks. Especially when I’m carrying my laptop  around to changing rooms zzz :( But anw I bought two shorts, a cardigan and a ‘Banana’ pencilcase which is pretty chic hahaha! Sigh I had to forgo a damn pretty kimono-cutting dress at Newlook because it was expensive ($59.90) Dad says I should buy it for presentations so now I’m regretting T-T

Supposed to get tops but … … I’ll try again tomorrow (or I’ll decide whether to get that dress)