FOM is seriously a killer. I’m not even familar with Chpt 1 and the lecturer went ahead and completed Chpt 2!! I read till page 14 of the textbook only and he’s on page 50+ already wtf! His continous rambling on content could make me sleep. Can’t he introduce some jokes or anything? :(

Economics textbook so heavy sighhhh

Anyway, we (Xinyi, Adam, Leonard, Me) caught Monga today. Totally value for money (sarcastic) cause we sat in the cinema for 2.5hours!!! It was good in the beginning but it got draggy towards the end. Almost everything were in slow motion. Hugging, fighting, blood spurting, conversations…

Yay had so much fun today watching the guys do funny stuff in Daiso and competing each other in the arcades again hahaha