First day of lessons was quite alright. I actually like DBE (Discovering Business and Enterprise) and FOM (Fundamentals of Marketing) the most. Not very sure whether I like ITB (Info Tech for Business) because its boring. We have to re-create an exact document from a sample in the textbook. 2 hours of doing that is pure torture, especially when we’re exploring MS Word. I think MS Excel will be far more interesting hehe

Yay and I got to know my classmates even more this time! I kept complaining to Mary, Shiying and Karyne that I’m tired. Practically yawning every 15mins!!!

Lol after school went to Bishan to studyyyy with Xinyi and Adam. Hahaha we three so hiong until its so funny! I did my tutorials and read through my lecture notes while Xinyi and Adam doing Amaths.

I heard from Nabilah that Econs have a lil bit of Amaths. DIE.

I’m typing all of this in such a funny way. There’s like no sequence in this -_-