Orientation was fun I guess. Wasn’t draggy, I didn’t expect much either. The best part was Amazing Race though. I dunked my face into a pan of flour for marbles and I did charades.

I even slept in the convention centre because it was very boring with all the talks and speeches. Two of my classmates even said ‘You’re so cool, I like the way you talk’. No pictures of my classmates cause … … (I don’t know)

I think Flag Day was awesome. I raised $75.50 when I even slacked for 3 hours by sleeping in Mac/Subway hahaha and after that went off with SP gang (Nabilah, Xinyi, Leonard, Adam)

Hehe I’m so glad I get to hang out with SP gang because I’m so friend-deprived :( Its like I can’t open up in front of my new friends sighhhh