Ok some updates!

1. I got an iPhone!!!! <3 This is the reason why I am so obsessed with Twitter because now I can update 24/7!!

2. I found my IC. I mailed it to the Admissions Department in SP. Am I good or what?

3. I went swimming (hope I can swim at least once a week, please kindly reprimand me if I slack off ok?) after I realized how heavy I was during the medical checkup. But I am still eating junk food. -_- But anyway, Mum’s gonna buy me a new swimsuit so that’ll keep me motivated for awhile hahahaha

4. This weekend is going to be SHINEE-crazy. I don’t feel like staying overnight just to queue to get their album. I rather sleep in my comfortable bed hahaha

5. I want a HQ  picture of Yonghwa from C.N. Blue!!!

6. I want to try out indoor tanning!!!! Or do corn rows with my hair or even Brazilian waxing!!!