I’ve checked the admin details about my working hours and I’ve worked for 77.5 hours in Suki for the month of January. This is a BIG accomplishment for me  because firstly, I’ve never ever hit more than 50 hours per month. I guess I wasn’t really happy working there in the beginning of December 2009 (mainly because of the chefs saying that I’ve grown fatter and all, they were so mean even though I knew they were kidding) and of cause I had Student Mart to back me up. And this is my second year working at Suki and I’ve never ever gotten more than $200 for my pay. It always got stuck like a few dollars before $200. This time round I’m getting close to $400!

This month is gonna be work, work and more work. Because mainly the restaurant needs people during CNY. There’s double pay on the first and second day of CNY and ALOT of part-timers are working to take advantage of it hahaha I hope I can at least hit 100hours (not in February but other months?)… so that I can get like $6/hour for my 101th hour and above. You get that don’t you??

Okay so I went to work today by train and I tried using my student card to check whether it has expired (since I really don’t believe the government was so mean to poor students like me :/) I can continue to use the card but…. ITS ADULT FARE. It cost me like $2.80 to take a ride to and fro. :( Mum was nice and gave me a new adult ezlink card with $30 in it. And it was supposed to last me for the month. I guess not. I’m gonna have to use my own money for transportation… Sigh. I miss being a student!!!