Work today was shit. Kaiyun and I had an arguement with our managers. I still think we are right. Scratch that. WE ARE RIGHT!!!! Argh I felt like quitting Suki just because of that matter , but I’m not gonna leave. I’ll see them leave first!!!

Anyway, yesterday I went to the airport with Kaiyun, Nuraini and Tingrui and gave work a miss. WE SAW SHINEE. Omg, Onew is the cutest thing ever, he waved at us in the bus hehehe :) Jonghyun waved too but Key stays hidden behind his thick woolly green jacket when its so hot here lol. Oh and we waited for more than 3 hours. Standing outside with no aircon, smelling people’s sweat and getting our feet stepped on. So much craziness just for Korean idols. No pictures cause we were all busy looking at them and screaming and waving hahaha

I bought more Lush soaps yesterday!! Oh all my F21, Transdesign and Lush stash has arrived!! I’m so excited hehehe