Oh right, and I’m still watching Lush videos on Youtube!! I can’t wait for my Lush goodies to arrive!!! (I know I repeated myself in Twitter so you’d probably got sick of it) I want to smell nice and bathe more times in a day. (not that I don’t bathe at all but for now I only bathe once a day) I know I’m weird and dirty. But still…

I guess Mum is not giving me any money for CNY clothes since I buy clothes on a regular basis online. :( What’s a new year without new clothes huh? (not that I don’t have any..) On a happier note, Dad’s gonna get my brother and me iPhones!!!! I’m not really sure but its something hopeful to think about. Brother is gonna get his in March when his plan ends while Dad is still considering whether to get mine in February or so. I know I say that I want a Blackberry but Dad really disapproves of my decision -__- He says Blackberries are for business people and young people like me should own an iPhone hahaha

Its 5.52AM in the morning and I’M NOT ASLEEP YET. The sun is gonna rise and shine pretty soon so I’d better get some sleep and look good for my scholarship ceremony!