Its like 3.08AM now and I’m bored. My sleeping times are all cocked up, I know that. Its bad for my skin yada yada, I know that too. But I wouldn’t care less since I’m blessed with good skin cells, thanks to my Dad (I think many are gonna stab me behind my back right now lol)

But anyway, took some pictures of my hair and decided only one was blatantly showing the colour. (no photoshop gimmick on this one)


Suddenly realized I should be brave and go for a more obvious colour!! Sigh… …

Anyone knows where I can get sweet-smelling bar soaps in Sg?? Like those in Lush. I’ve considered purchasing soaps online but… without smelling the fragrance and the scent, its hard to actually part with my money. :(

Bf hasn’t decide what courses he wants to take yet. I guess we are going to be apart since I chose SP & NP while he’s most likely going to NYP. Everyone’s straying away from one another.