Officially dyed my hair to brown today! My hair is so jet black that the brown on my hair isn’t that obvious at all, sigh. Sharlene accompanied me for almost 2 hours in the salon and after going to almost every retail shop to ask for a job, she finally got one!!!! Ok I was kinda afraid that my Mum would freak out that I dyed my hair but instead, she gave me a playful slap on my butt -_- Dad didn’t even bother as usual hahaha

I spent $76 on my hair. Geez, dying my hair is more expensive than rebonding lol. Oh and did I mention that I got another jacket from F21!!! Its gonna go great with my Supre dresses :)
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F21 is so addictive :) Poly is another reason why I can buy more clothes, heh.

Saw something that I shouldn’t see today. Sharlene, you know what I’m talking about!

P.S. I have more readers since the day of O’Level results. Sneaky people want to know how well I fare.