Mum and Dad just ordered a wardrobe for me and its arriving this Saturday. Yay for more closet space and maybe a built in full-length mirror?? Okay, I’m not really sure about the functions and the looks of my own wardrobe yet since my parents picked it out without telling me. And since I have a new wardrobe coming in, I need to clear my current cupboard. That really sucks because its crazy inside there. Stashes of clothes, lots of it.

Anyway, my packages from F21 and Supre has arrived!! Yay me~~ Surprisingly I can fit into size M for F21 jackets! Cause I tried leather jackets at F21 @ 313 and I need size L because of my broad shoulders :( I hate it when F21 is so inconsistent of their apparel sizes. I have this really pretty rainbow dress from F21 size M but it turns out to be too big and long for my liking. :(

Anyway, I’m submitting my poly choices tomorrow instead. I have finalised my choices somewhat and here’s a summary of it. The first few will be Accountacy, Business Admin (inserts other business courses), Optometry, Mass Communication and Psychology.. That’s about it.

Under the cut for my results…

English: A2

Combined Humanities: C5

Emaths: B3

Art: B3

Chinese: B3

Combined Science: A2



Raw scores:

L1R5 = 18

L1R4 = 13