Wanted to watch Avatar today but there wasn’t any good seats. :( :( Failed to watch this again. Its been three times. Sigh.

Anw, shopped at Zara and bought a very pretty plaid shirt for $59.90 because Bf says it looks nice and he wants me to own one plaid shirt, lol. Went to eat dinner at this very nice restaurant (I didn’t even take note of the signboard) at Vivocity and the grilled chicken was really delicious! It came with olive rice which wasn’t really that great to me. It tasted like Indian rice. (not being discriminating here) But it was quite a deal since it was a dinner set and it came with soup and drinks too.

My packages are all coming!! Yay me!! (insert London Tipton signature expression) New clothes make me happy but… no money in bank a/c makes me regret what I’ve done :(