Happy New Year!!! I have no new year resolutions just because I don’t follow them and I’ve lost last years’ resolutions (and didn’t complete them) so.. there’s no point in doing a list but not achieving them right?

Anw, yesterday (or should I say last month or last year hehe) was so much fun!! Bf and me went shopping (actually only he bought things and not me) and then I went to join Tingrui, Sharlene, Kaiyun, Jianyu and Benjamin for the countdown and Cityhall. It was crazy there was so many people. But the fireworks were really nice. We were standing really close.

And I have my first sleepover at Sharlene’s house!! I only managed to sleep at 6AM today hahaha because Tingrui and me was watching Twilight again on her laptop.

Ok I’m tired