I went to the dentist alone today, I thought it would be scary but turns out it isn’t anything like what I’ve imagined at all. A dentist sure earns alot cause I’m charged $71 for just one visit omg!

hehehe I did another manicure again I’m so happy now even if I’m just looking at my nails hahaha Oh and it comes with free nail art on my thumbs! Maybe I’ll try blue in the next 2 weeks lol

I actually can’t believe my nails were that short in the past. (I looked through my old pictures) Anyway, I’m not wasting money on manicures. I’m trying to stop my bad habit of biting my nails. The only effective way is have colours on my nails. No one bites their nails if it looks pretty and smells like alcohol swipes right? Ok, I’ve tried many many many ways to stop biting my nails in the past and none worked. So only this method works perfectly on me. So please don’t say I’m wasting money…. I’M NOT.

Without flash. Ok I held my nail polish because it looked more professional? I don’t know I always see them in ads hahaha.

With flash.

Ok I watched A Perfect Getaway with Kaiyun today!! Omg this is one good thriller, something like Connection I guess? I was shivering in the cinema with all the sound effects and luckily Kaiyun lent me her jacket thanks thanks thanks!! Plot was kinda confusing but its was great anyway. There was one part that we all screamed hahaha

Yay tomorrow’s a day out with the girls!