I slept for 4hours and I feel so energetic!! Now I’m going to be so tired for work tomorrow since I’m not tired now and I can’t sleep. :( Oh I’m watching Hannah Montana Season 3 already yay!

And I resisted buying $48 worth of clothes online!!!! Which is good because my bank a/c is running dry already and I need my pay and January to come!! I really have to go Forever21 and 313 again because … … I want to buy buy buy buy buy!! Somehow now it feels much more shiok buying on the spot than online, idk I change easily. And this is super contradicting… I want to save money yet I want to spend on pretty lil things I like :(

There’s this irritating/annoying/idiotic guy who was working with me today and he’s getting on my nerves with his high-pitched voice and his arrogant look!! And he’s only fifteen for goodness sake. I was in charge of the cashier but he keeps standing there like a statue and purposely shoving me out of the way (he only wants to collect money wtf!) without having the initiative to serve customers or fold clothes properly. If you can’t fold clothes properly than what the hell are you working at a place that sells clothes?! He told me this ridiculous thing when we were closed as we had to do stock check. ‘I’ve never counted stocks before.’ So?! Learn la and do it, don’t think you can get out of it. Counting so hard meh? And to think that you were in this business like a few days more than me and you’re telling me you’ve never done stock check? RIDICULOUS BULLSHIT.

Argh I’m so sorry that I’m badmouthing people in my blog but I just can’t stand how stuck up he is!!! Talking about him all over again makes me so pissed. Oh and did I mention that he expects me to buy lunch for him? Get your own lunch, loser! He is so not a gentleman.