Omg I spent so much today that I’m feeling guilty. Let’s see… … $68 (hair)+$27 (bag)+$21 (manicure)+$22 (food) = $138!!!! This is the first time that I’ve spent so much in a single day lol. I don’t know why I bought that bag. I just like it. It can definitely fit a laptop but I don’t own any of those yet so why did I buy it?!? :/

I saw Karin in the mrt station!! We’re going out on Sunday heh can’t wait can’t wait! There’s Brown Eyed Girls fanmeeting at Orchard Central so maybe we might take a look haha

Anyway, Dad told me on the phone that I got the Eagles award when I was at Suki hahaha! Another $200!!


no hair pictures because its basically just straight hair lol and I just love my nails now yay :) I hope I’ll never ever go back to my bad habit of biting my nails :/ Maybe I will try getting gel nails on CNY heheheh but that will be like $70~