Today I got a chance to work with my cousin. It was really fun. A good opportunity to catch up on each others’ lives. I could still remember we used to create and draw monsters with special ablilities to save the world in our grandfather’s house lol. Those were the good old days. Stress-free and so innocent.

Heh but its good to know that we’re still as close as ever! :) He even got me a big gift for my bday which was a monkey plush with a pirate eye lol




I know my hair is really fugly right now because firstly, the fan was blowing  and secondly I AM GOING TO DO SOMETHING TO IT. I look completely different when I’m working/at home or when I’m going out so don’t ask!!

Lol my bank a/c is depleting already even when I just got my pay a week ago!! 3 dresses that I love so much just came into the mail and then I went on a shopping spree at F21 because things are cheap and pretty. I wonder how am I going to control my spending like this. :(

Yay I found Hannah Montana Season 2 complete episodes!!!

I’m loving my new anklet, it looks like this :D