Yay I got myself a coral tubedress from Forever21 at only $23!! (the one which I was eying on since yesterday) And I bought like two undies/boxers from Topshop which are all cartoon printed (so adorable!). It was on sale lah that’s why I bought it.

Oh I think I spent like $50 today. Oreo cheesecake from Starbucks was awesome but the cappuccino didn’t even perk me up. Not going to order any more cappunccino!!! And I finally bought caramel corn from Daiso I actually wanted the strawberry flavoured one but I think sold out already :( I still can’t find any suitable bomber black jacket or black scarf :(

Lol I frightened myself this morning when I woke up because I saw my hot pink nails and thought it belonged to someone else.

Oh and tomorrow I’ll be selling uniforms at XMS. Wth? At least its near hahahaha.