Ok shopped for prom dresses today with my class girls. Correction. I was window shopping lol. It was so tiring my legs are breaking.

I bought a leg choker instead haha

I got my prom dress altered for free!!!!! Anyway, I have so much clothes to alter so I think I shall start altering all of them at once when I have the money. Like some dresses too long make me look damn short and jeans that are too loose lol. Ok now I need a black biker jacket to go with my prom dress!!! Found a really nice leather black jacket at Zara today but it was $199 :(

Speaking of money… … I’m starting work next week!!!! :) Back to my waitress life and smelling like sushi hahahaha! But then I need cash and a way to spend my time away so working is definitely fine! Aiya people keep telling me there the pay so low work there for what, but then actually I’m quite okay with the pay because the people there makes it enjoyable to work with. Now also so hard to find jobs, think so easy meh?

Even though its like a 5 days break in between papers, its so boring at home. There’s nothing to do. I tried to download Maplestory and Audition but it doesn’t work because of my computer’s firewall thing -.- Then I went to download like 10 games from Playfirst and when I got the hang of it, it decides to stop its 1 hour trial.

My life quite sad actually haha