Things that I want to do after O’s:

1. Work

2. Shopping

3. Learn Korean

4. Learn cooking

5. Sign up for upgrading courses like English etc.

But anyway, O’s is going to take up only 3 weeks so I’m going to endure this whole thing with open arms. Its better to look forward to it than be terrorised by it right? I hate it when aunties start asking me random questions like: ni zai na li shang xue? express ah? When she realized I’m in the normal academic stream she will then ask: wa zhe yang lang fei yi nian zhi de ma? aiyo… Doesn’t mean people in normal academic or normal technical are stupid okay!! Stop looking down on people like me. Like you very clever like that huh.

First paper on Monday which is English. I’m like aiming for an A2 for it but is it possible? All along my English is always better than my Mother Tongue so… aiming A2 for it not so ambitious hor?

I’m proud at myself for having the motivation to do art.