P.E was so tiring, imagine playing two strenuous ball games in a row. Gosh ran like crazy (or maybe its just me cause I’ve not been exercising regularly) 

Lol I think I screwed my Chinese oral, I was stuttering all over. :(

Slept for 4 hours, did homework for 2 hours and now I’m awake and bored. Phone bill came yesterday and it was $80++ with 1748 messages wth. Yes so now I’m scrimping and saving every cent that I have to pay for it. Srsly, I can’t wait for O’s to be over so that I can at least work and get some extra income.

Okay, I got really bored and searched this:

Shona 22 up, 2 downlove it hate it
noun. (Show – nah)

1. An African tribe that does dancing and stuff

2. Female of great beauty who’s smile lights up a room

3. Writer of poems and taker of photos / One who has an eye for beauty

4. One who giggles infectiously at silly, silly things

5. Fun-loving girls who are up for a laugh. They usually can find something to laugh about in any situation. Shonas are also beautiful and very original. they make amazing friends. If you are friends with a Shona, you’re lucky.
6. A girl who is so amazingly stunning that she gives boys boners.
7. Means “gold” in Bengali

This is only the good part of being a Shona. Now the bad part:

  Shona 3 up, 9 downlove it hate it
the fattest and most hideous person you will ever meet in your life, no matter what.

The good news is once you have seen Shona, you will never meet anyone as ugly.

The word Shona is greek for “Whale”

also Shona has a horrible personality

It also means “pussy” in Bengali

Haha, only hear/see the good things. I’m gonna ignore the bad parts LOL.

Anyway, I’m confused/frightened about certain things but… … I can’t seem to talk to anyone about it. Its awkward, really. :/