Isn’t the night supposed to be a lil bit windy?! Wth, I hate the weather now it sucks. Especially in the afternoons zzz it can make me drowsy and then I lose the concentration and the focus to do work properly. T-T

Yay went back to Suki for buffet and I ate like 7 ebi tempuras lol. Its so great to see Stanley, Ah Hao, Ah Ken and Ah Leong!! Lol and Stanley tripped while bringing the Cha Soba to the other table lololol. Damn cute *_*

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Anyway, Mum brought home a pack of mask cards (a loan from her friend) to aid me in my art. And I think its cool. Taiwan product lolol.

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Bored = Smelly armpits (no link but hahahaha today was such an unforgettable armpit day heh)