Yesterday that movie was… … too much catholic and christianity content for me. I tried super hard to read the Chinese subtitles in the beginning when the actors and actresses were fluently conversing in Italian/Spanish/German (strike off either two lol) My Chinese is so bad that I don’t even understand what I’m reading off the screen hahahaha. Junhao kept offering me sweets and chocolates during the movie so funny :D and he was asked from the person behind to sit lower cause he’s too tall.

We saw this Apple shop in Heeren and I want that purple speaker for my iPod!

Crapped and joked around as usual with Miaoxian joining our ‘gang’, hahaha. Fights broke out in Suki when I tried to persuade KK to stay by holding on to his earpiece. -.- I actually wanted to watch Shrek in his iPod but he simply refuses to let me continue watching  zzz :(

 Today was such a drag, I managed to do 2 Chinese letter writing and read different text types. And now I’m sleepy.