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Yiyan drew this picture of me after ranting on Spongebob Squarepants episodes during SS today, lol. :) She even drew on my unique earrings! I think i have the most weird pairings of earrings ever. Omg, I look so stern I think I look like that when I’m in band hahahaha

During band practice today:

Me: This 2 weeks of intense band practices will be the last days that I’m gonna spend with you all in band as a senior… …

Minjian: Don’t worry, we love you deep deep. (following Yiangshan’s style of talking)

LOLOLOLOLOL!! -.- so adorable *_* I think I will miss my juniors the most instead of band music hahahaha.

Anw, the main purpose for this post is that… … Super Junior’s Repackaged Album is out!!!! XD XD LOVE THE NEW TRACKS~~