I just got back from the nail workshop with my Mum and it was great! I had fun learning various different designs of nail art and the correct way of doing a french manicure! And then we had a nailart competition and I WON!!! *_* It was the first time that i actually won something because of my ability lol. I got a really cool lipgloss and eyeshadow. Maybe i should save those for prom, hahaha. I really should stop biting my nails, its getting ugly and all chipped at the wrong places.

Sidetracking a lil, my mum’s laptop is getting cranky again. I can’t go to blogs and livejournals anymore. :( Oh there’s a maths test today about probability and vectors and i think i can pass it!!!! :) :) AND I PASSED MY PHYSICS TEST YAYYY. Second one this term, i’m definitely improving.