Now i just feel like screaming my lungs out because what i’ve done for the past few months for art was simply a waste of time. I wish i knew how to organise my stuff earlier. Then i wouldn’t have to rush out my research + quality sketches now. And the fact that i can’t draw well gives me a really disadvantage. I mean, I know i don’t have any artistic talent but i did try my best to draw in detail. But obviously the teacher told me that I’m going nowhere with those crap drawings of mine and I have to re-do. Oh great, where do i find the time to do it? :( And we’re supposed to have a sub-theme for all of our preps work and we’re supposed to submit on Monday. And i’m getting really flustered because my camera has a totally flat battery and I’ve lost the charger. Mum’s been wanting to kill me because of my carelessness but I still can’t find it in the house. Grr. I feel so out of breathe suddenly.

Ditto. Back to work.