Sentosa yesterday. Day was spoilt thanks to the rain. Almost everyone got sick after that. :/ My head felt sore after everything, i wonder whether its the Sun which burnt my skin or something else… … :( Anw, despite the rain we did have lots of fun! Finally got to know  more about my adorable juniors. We lucky girls get to see 6 half-naked guys doing pumpings on the hot sand as well. I know its rather weird but still… … they’re still kids. Okay I’m kind of using Yiangshan’s language now. LOL.

Band practice today. I think i suck. That’s about all.

Anw, Happy Birthday Kai Yun! Hah, bet she had the best day of her life in Suki just now. I was pretty stunned at the arrival of the blueberry cake and also Ah Hao paying for our meal!!!! *gushes* Seriously its kinda sweet for him to do that.. Damn i was pretty shocked as well. I should be part of their crew for her surprise party but… :(