Geesh, thanks to me; my computer sort of crashed. -.- Using my mum’s lappy now.. … Random but I kinda miss my brother. :( It will be a week later before he comes back from Thailand. I miss his never-ending blabbering and his nonsense. Sometimes you’d never know you miss someone until the person disappears from your life. I agree with that now. But i bet i’d complain about him in the future when he comes back. Anyway, i have his PSP all to myself. How great is that!!

School today was okay. From singing irrelevant songs with Kristin in class to getting stuck on algebraic probablity to smashing bubbles on Ryan’s Ipod Touch to getting excited about our new ezlink cards. Sadly my class was the only ones who didnt get our new ezlink cards. It must be our class clones again.

Alright, i’m going to stare at my chinese comprehension passage simply because i have no freaking idea what’s all about. Art is scaring me i wish i hadn’t taken it. :(