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Srsly, this has become a part of me. Thank you Junhao for reminding us of all the memories spent there. I think he missed us too much, lol. I still don’t get why my facial expression is like that. LOL.

I feel that Suki Sushi Punggol is like another home for us, where we crap and make dirty jokes between us. We even got cheered up by the chefs when things weren’t going so well for us. It isn’t like a normal relationship between chefs and waiters/waitresses, we were much more than that. We were work companions and the best of all; friends. I really wish to go back to the past and hang out together again. But with our own personal schedules, i think its g’na be pretty hard to get everyone back together for an outing. :(

Ah, i miss everyone. From Captain Spongebob, Disaster, Nathan, Carol, Jiaen, Kandy, Laytin, KK, Jayson, Ah Leong, Sabi, Ah Wu, Wenbin, Ah Hao, Stanley, Mabel, Ah Ken… …☺

I’d probably be grinning from ear to ear whenever i think about them.