Being pretty excited on how my class tee would look like when its done, its g’na be blue~~ And our not-done-yet-but-sure-look-pretty banner for Home-coming is also blue~~ And we’ll be selling coconuts! Think Hawaii and going back to the past!! :D :D

Friendship issues going round in school and i think its pretty insane. You’ve changed. Did you even realize that yourself? :/

Oh anyway, i’ve been dying to ask that particular someone a particular question. But obviously i’ve got no guts to spit it out from my mouth. Geez, wish that person would stop giving me the wrong signals. I’m messed up inside and very very confused. I just don’t understand. Maybe i’m thinking way too much.

We’re going to kick ass on stage and rock the hall baby! XMSB LET’S DO IT! ☺☺☺☺☺ Waking up around 4.45AM tomorrow, i need my sleep like now.

I’m going to keep my fingers crossed! Good night!