SYF’s on Wednesday, i am really hoping that we could kick some ass on that day. LOL. Getting pretty geared up for that and somehow; i like how my section seem to crap along with one another and doing silly things to make each other loosen up. :) I don’t know what came over me but i threw a disgusting piece of cloth at Minjian twice. XD XD

Today in school was practically alright. Giggled to myself early in the morning and in between lessons. I could still remember when my English teacher was talking about the editorial of cloze passages, i was covering my mouth and smiling to mysef. How i wish i could stop doing that. Its making people around me mad as well. Recess was the best, I kept laughing hysterically with Tingrui.I think i can carry out laughing/smiling/giggling to myself for the rest of the week. I just feel so hyper and happy after what happened yesterday~

Brother’s going Thailand again this Friday. Bet he has a girlfriend there. JKJK