I think i’m kinda going crazy with Boys over Flowers, i even changed my desktop wallpaper to  Lee Minho!! Stalked this drama till 3.35AM this morning, how wonderful. Cried so many times, i could actually feel my heart aching for the main leads.

My favourite stunt from the show, ROFL

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 Great, band practice or sectionals everyday starting from next week. I can foresee that i’m going to sleep in class and not do my homework and fail my tests. Kidding, i’m not that bad right? I totally enjoyed today’s band practice. It feels different, somehow. And i’m still pretty confused about my dynamic contrast, so frustrating. :/ Next week we’ll have our SYF rehearsal at SCH, hope we’d sound better by then.

Work tomorrow!!!!!!! YES I’M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT. :D :D :D