What a lazy Sunday, i don’t even wanna do anything at all. Eat, shit, sleep, slack. It would be nice if i could do that everyday.

Btw, yesterday’s concert was great great great great! :) The problem with sitting in the red-seating area is that no much people screamed. Only Sharlene and me was getting real high and screamed at anything that’s worth screaming for, haha. Got really pissed off by this Indian security guard who shouted in our ears to back off when we ran to catch a glimpse of SHOW after the end of the concert. (And i’m not being racist.) There’s this barring banning us from going near and obviously we will stop there and ogle at the stars right?! Wth, that idiotic man thought we would climb over like what crazy fangirls do. We are not that silly okay.

And i really need to get a card reader since i’ve lost my camera plug. I also have to revive my scanner. Its been neglected for years. Spammed my instax mini and bought more films. Broke yes, Happy yes.

Photos from Monday, taken from Kaiyun hahaha.

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Poor Sharlene, she’s sick.
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Lol that’s what girls do in toilets. LOOK AT SHARLENE’S FACE, LMAO.
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One word: WEIRD. Tingrui looks so happy with herself lah.