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This is so squishy-ing adorable, sighs. Love Yesung’s hair colour, it totally resembles someone that i know of.

Not done with art at all, haven’t even started except for a few sketches. I know i’m terrible but i’m lacking inspiration. I need tons of creative ideas but i’ve got nothing in my pea brain right now. Dad and Bro left for Malaysia this morning. Chose not to go, thanks to the piling homework + tests, -.-

Been so effing tired for the past few days. Must be the accumulation from the lack of sleep. That sucks, i almost wanted to skip my dinner to sleep instead. And at the rate i’m eating… i can foresee myself in 42″ jeans in like 3 years?! :'(

Discovered an extra-ordinary fact after band practice today. MRS KHOR MAJORS IN CHEMISTRY, LOL.