P.E was awesome today. Tiring but great teamwork! Especially my half-banana who does mostly all the shooting. And carrot cake for recess! Gosh, nobody would have thought that school canteen vendors are able to cook up delicious fried carrot cake! :)

Carol’s birthday celebration later, keeping my fingers crossed that everyone will be there. Including all the chefs that i’ve missed so much. And i’m going to eat grilled chicken wings again. Last Friday, i ate 20 of them in less than 8 hours and i bragged all about it, haha.

Right, i have to get over with tuition. Thank God i’m looking forward to that, g’na clear my doubts about Algebra and Indices!! Oh, i’m bombarded with homework this weekend. There’s Maths, Chemistry, POA and lastly; Art. That’s going to take up ALOT of time, i’m positive about that.

Grr, i’m going to drown myself in Algebra now before the tutor comes.