One word for school: DRAINED. I’m so tired, i almost slept in class today. Eyelids was drooping all over my face and i had to rub my eyes every now and then to keep them going. CCA till 7PM, i had to pretend that i’m not annoyed at myself for staying up so late the previous night doing extra for Maths. Felt kinda moody and band just made it worst, that’s all. I’ve lost all my determination towards SYF. I have no idea why i don’t feel anything for the band anymore. I feel so sick of it. I want to quit. I don’t even want to continue doing this.


Argh whatever. I’ll take things as it goes. Hopefully i can get out of this stupid, cold and dark hole that i’ve dug myself into. Seriously, i can’t wait till the Big O’s are over. Jinx, that’s what i call it. Bloodsucking books and all the shit.

Oh, flunked yet another test today. Social Studies. How great, it was the lowest mark in my life in secondary school. Suddenly i feel overwhelmed, like i’m g’na get engulfed in the flames of my test papers.

On the other hand, Big O’s doesn’t seem that far away anymore. I don’t think i’m ready for ’em yet. Its like they are the rain and i’m drowning myself in them; screaming in silence. Call me pessimistic but, i’m like that. I think way too much sometimes.

Random but screw art.